Digital Sculpting Workshop

Hi there! 😀

Here you will find foundational and advanced courses.
Even though these courses are useful when viewed as separate entities, I would recommend watching them in the order I have prescribed here, as each one will build upon previously learned skills.
The scheduled mentorship program is a great way for you to dive deeper in your practice with me directly helping you.

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01. Artistic Concepts

The complexity of human thoughts and language can affect the learning process in many different ways.

Let’s learn together how to perceive and analyze shapes in a new manner.

02. Human Skull

The importance of these shapes and forms cannot be disregarded by any artist.

A great place to practice the insights learned previously and to learn new ones.

03. Male Bust

This is the first course in the series where I break down all the workflow, concepts and language used everywhere else.

Being the most detailed of all other courses, it is also a great place to start in case you are no longer a complete beginner.

04. Female Bust

In this course we apply previously seen ideas and insights to sculpt a more complex subject: the female bust.

We have practiced enough to be able to explore the human forms even more, so why not push the boundaries a bit more this time?

05. Full body - Adult Male

Tackling the whole body at once will always be one of the most complete exercises in our practice.

This time we focus on the male body and by the end of it you will have more control over any organic shape in nature.

06. Full Body - Adult Female​

This is the last installment of the foundations series, but there’s still a lot to be said. 

We will devote our efforts on the female forms as we practice everything we’ve seen so far and more.


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